Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Sony ECM-W1M - MIS Multi-Interface Shoe - Sony ECM-W1M
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Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Sony ECM-W1M - MIS Multi-Interface Shoe

A Bluetooth microphone for a Multi-Interface Shoe ?
For those who understand the sentence above, it is a good news ! ^_^

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The fashion accessory!

Lenspen NLP-1

A clear, efficient and simple Bluetooth microphone


Especially builded for the new Multi-Interface Shoe (MIS) of your favorite camcorder, this microphone will allow you capture sounds up to 100m !

The only thing is to have a camcorder wich can film up to there ! ;o)

Moreover, with the earphones furbished you can connect to the receiver, you can always control the recorded sound !

And, as the receiver has itself an integrated microphone, you can even communicate directly with the distant subject, or record your owns commentaries on the movie !

Take care now of what you are saying about this distant subject while the microphone transmission is opened ! ^_^


We can read here or there

special moments right at the source with this Bluetooth® wireless microphone. Not only can you record crisp, clear sound up to 300 feet away, but you can also enjoy two way communications between you and your subject. This unique feature enables you to give your subject direction while capturing only their voice, or you can chose to capture both their voice and yours while filming.

The Wireless Microphone ECM-W1M (referred to below as “this unit”) is compatible with a camera that has a Multi Interface Shoe such as a Sony Video Camera or Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera (referred to below as “camera”).

Refer to the instruction manual of your camera and check that it is compatible with the Multi Interface Shoe.

Even if your camera has a Multi Interface Shoe, you may be unable to use it with this unit or some functions may not work. Please visit the Sony website for more information.

This unit can clearly pick up sound from a subject far from the camera.

When used with a camera compatible with 5.1ch recording, this unit will provide center channel sound, delivering clear, natural sound.

This unit uses Bluetooth wireless communication technology.

The receiver installed on the camera and the microphone for the subject (transmitter, referred to below as “microphone”) are each provided with a microphone and earphone jack. The person recording the scene with the camera can communicate with the subject even if they are far apart, and that sound can be recorded.

The following modes are available. Select one of them by switching the Power/Mode switch on the receiver, and then start recording.

  • SINGLE mode
    Only the sound picked up by the microphone is recorded.
    The microphone picks up monaurally both the subject and surrounding sound equally clearly, even when the camera is far from the microphone.
  • 5.1ch MIX mode
    When used with a camera compatible with 5.1ch recording, this unit works as the center microphone of 5.1ch recording. The natural sound around both of the microphone and camera can be recorded by 5.1ch recording with this unit.
  • MONO MIX mode
    The sound picked up by both the microphone and camera is recorded monaurally. (If the receiver and the microphone pick up the same sound, an echo or clipping noise may occur. When using a camera that supports 5.1ch recording, we recommend that you use this unit in 5.1ch MIX mode.)

In any of the three modes, you can hear the sound around the receiver on the microphone side and around the microphone on the receiver side, by connecting the earphones while connected for communication. The person recording the scene with the camera can therefore communicate with the subject holding the microphone even when they are far apart.


Product Specifications

  • Wireless communication
    • Communication system : Bluetooth specification Ver. 3.0
    • Output : Bluetooth specification Power Class 1
    • Main compatible Bluetooth Profile : Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, Audio Video Remote Control Profile
    • Working range* : Up to 100 m (300 ft.) (*: This is the approximate communication distance when the microphone is upright and directly facing the receiver. Depending on recording location, such as if obstacles or reflective surfaces are between Bluetooth devices, radio wave conditions, etc.)
  • Receiver
    • Microphone system : Monaural, non-directional
    • Power requirements : Supplied via Multi Interface Shoe (Approx. 3.6 V to 8.4 V)
    • Power consumption : Approx. 0.3 W
    • Dimensions (Approx.) : (w/h/d) 27mm × 38mm × 29mm (1 1/8 in. × 1 1/2 in. × 1 3/16 in.)
    • Mass Approx. : 17 g (0.6 oz)
  • Microphone (transmitter)
    • Microphone system : Non-directional
    • Power requirements : One 1.5 V AAA alkaline dry battery** or one 1.2 V AAA Ni-MH battery** (** Battery not included. A manganese dry battery should not be used.)
    • Power consumption : Approx. 0.3 W
    • Frequency response : 300 Hz - 9,000 Hz
    • Continuous operating time : Approx. 3 hours (With a Sony alkaline dry battery at 25 °C (77 °F))
      When used at low temperature, the operating time with an alkaline dry battery will shorten. Use of an Ni-MH batteries is recommended.
    • Dimensions (Approx.) : (w/h/d) 19mm × 66mm × 30mm (3/4 in. × 2 5/8 in. × 1 3/16 in.)
    • Mass Approx. : 19g (0.7 oz) (excluding the battery)
  • Receiver/microphone (transmitter)
    • Operating temperature 5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)
    • Storage temperature –20 °C to +60 °C (–4 °F to +140 °F)


Included items

  • Receiver (ECM-W1M(R)) (1)
  • Microphone (transmitter) (ECM-W1M(T)) (1)
  • Wind screen (1)
  • Carrying pouch (1)
  • Arm band (1)
  • Earphone (2)
  • Earphone hanger (1)
  • Connector protect cap (1)
  • Set of printed documentation


Compatible with

Appareils Sony avec griffe porte-accessoire Multi-Interface MIS Sony devices
  • FDR-AX100
  • FDR-AX33
  • FDR-AX53
  • FDR-AXP33
  • FDR-AXP35
  • HDR-CX410V
  • HDR-CX430V
  • HDR-CX580V
  • HDR-CX620
  • HDR-CX670
  • HDR-CX900
  • HDR-PJ420V
  • HDR-PJ430V
  • HDR-PJ540
  • HDR-PJ580V
  • HDR-PJ620
  • HDR-PJ650V
  • HDR-PJ670
  • HDR-PJ780V
  • HDR-PJ790V
  • HDR-PJ810
  • HDR-PJ820
  • HDR-TD20V
  • HXR-NX100
  • HXR-MC2500
  • DSC-HX50
  • DSC-HX50V
  • DSC-HX60
  • DSC-HX400
  • DSC-HX400V
  • DSC-RX1
  • DSC-RX1R
  • DSC-RX10
  • DSC-RX10M2
  • DSC-RX10M3
  • DSC-RX100M2
  • DSC-RX100M3
  • DSC-RX100M4
  • DSC-RX100M5
  • ILCA-77M2 - Alpha 77 II - A77II
  • ILCE-3000 - Alpha 3000 - A3000
  • ILCE-6000 - Alpha 6000 - A6000
  • ILCE-7
  • ILCE-7M2
  • ILCE-7R
  • ILCE-7S
  • NEX-VG30
  • NEX-VG900
  • PXW-FS5
  • PXW-FS7
  • PXW-FS7K
  • PXW-X70
  • PXW-X160
  • PXW-X180
  • PXW-X200
  • PXW-X280
  • SLT-A58
  • SLT-A99
Others ? Thank you helping me to complete this list. :o)
Sony ECM-W1M
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