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Microphone boompoles

Find here poles for external microphones of cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, wireless kits or digital recorders.

Rode Boompole

Price €82.50
The standard microphone boompole from Røde could be the best one for you! Telescopic...

Rode Boompole Bag

Price €24.92
To carry your Rode boompole, here is the bag! Simple and efficient, what else?

Rode Boompole Clips

Price €10.42
To fix the microphone cable along the Rode Boompole, this small clips are perfect!

Rode Boompole Pro

Price €165.83
The professional boompole for Rode will be the best one for you! 500g of fiber...

Rode Micro Boompole

Price €34.92
The microphone Røde Micro Boompole is a light and compact sound recording tool !...

Rode Micro Boompole Pro

Price €68.33
Røde Micro Boompole Pro is a modular and light tool for your microphone. Lenght max...

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