PearsTone 8101080

PearsTone 8101080

Foam windscreen for your Sony F-112 and others handled microphones' brands !
Raise the quality of your interviews, songs, and others vocals records !


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You are not satisfy with your sounds records ?

This foam will help you to resolve this

Compatible microphones diameter 1"3/8

Minimize wind noise and plosive sounds !

You will be surprised by the effective gain with this foam !


  • Diameter : 1"3/8 (3,4925cm)


Compatible with

Sony: F-112

And with :

Shure: SM58, Beta 58, SM48, VP64, PG57, SM62, SM78, SM85, SM96, PE45, PE47, PG56, 515BSL, 533, 565, 588, 869, BG1.1, BG2.1, BG3.1, BG6.1, L2/58, PE5, PE9, PE25, PE35

Sennheiser: MD46, e835, e845, e855, MD408, MD430, MD431, MD908, SKM1030

Electro-Voice: 635N/D, 658, 671B, 681, 1776B, 1777A, D056/L, DS35, PL11, PL76B, PL77A, PL80, PL88, PL91A, PL95A, RE30, RE34, RE36N/D

AKG: C12VR, C505, C535, CE5, CK5, D120, D124, D160, D170, D202, D230, D320, D327, D541, D1000, D1200, D2000

Audio-Technica: AT804, 811, 813, 814, AT816, 817, 836, 873, AT4054, AT4055, ATM10, ATM11, ATM21, ATM63, ATM89, ATM810, MB2000, MB3000, MB4000, T32, T36

Beyerdynamic: M1, M2, M69, M88, M130, M160, M200, M411, M412, M600, MC728, MCE80

Crown: CM200, CM310

Peavey: PAA350, PVM835, PVM880, Celebrity, PV

Røde : Reporter

Telex: H12D, VH12D

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