DM-Accessories UNI-SAB

DM-Accessories UNI-SAB

Connect up to three accessories on one accessory shoe.
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Three accessories on one accessory shoe !

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Compatible with Sony Multi-Interface Shoe (MIS)


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This is a Symmetrical Accessory Bar with a Universal Shoe base mount. It is 8" / 20cm wide and includes three cold shoe mounts for mounting lights, microphones and wireless receivers with shoe mounts. UNI-SAB works well on professional camcorders as well as SLRs. There is plenty of clearance and visibility for the camera's top controls and displays on SLR cameras. The shoes on the ends are easily adjustable for position and direction.

All parts are metal except the end knobs, rubber dampers and the powder coating.

The UNI-SAB has been tested to work with Canon SLRs and pro camcorders, Panasonic still cameras and camcorders, Sony pro camcorders.

The UNI-SAB is NOT compatible with Sony or Minolta SLRs, Sony Handycam, or Canon Vixia camcorders.

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