Sony ECM-DS30P

Sony ECM-DS30P

The perfect microphone for your digital recording equipment !
Small, stereo, light, robust and efficient, a pure Sony product.

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The missing accessory for your numeric recorder ! The stereo microphone


Connect it onto the mini-jack microphone plug of your digital recording equipment (Sony MiniDisc MD, DAT, wireless transceiver,...), or onto the minijack cable (furbished), to add more sound recordings capabilities, to get a better recordings quality !

Any casual soporific meeting will become an unexpected event where no more snorings will not escape to you ! In stereo moreover !


A one meter male/female mini-jack cable is furbished to add more possibilities to your recording equipment.

You can plug this microphone to any compatible device wich has the plug-in power supply system. The power of the microphone is supplied from the connected recording equipment.


We can read here or there...

Speak up at interviews or in meetings with the ECM-DS30P electret condenser microphone. This microphone reverberates clear sounds for outstanding audio quality.

  • Plug-In Power Operation
    Needs no battery and ensures dependability under virtually all conditions
  • Direct Connection to Recorder
    Provides for faster, easier recording session set-ups
  • Small Size and Lightweight (17g)
    Makes this a handy companion for any recording application
  • Silver Color
    Matches MiniDisk components
  • Reliable Electret Condenser Technology
    For tried and true performance
  • Gold Plated Plug
    For maximum conductivity, minimum noise



  • General
    • Type : Electret condenser microphone
    • Plug : Gold plated stereo miniplug
    • Cupsule : 12 mm ECM MIC cupsule
    • Power source : Plug in power
    • Dimensions : Approx. 12 × 57 mm (dia./h) (1/2 × 2 1/4 in.) incl. projecting parts and controls
    • Mass : Approx. 17g (l oz)
  • Performance
    • Frequency response : 100 – 10,000 Hz
    • Noise Level : Ander 39.0dB S.P.L.
    • Directivity Unidirectional ×2
    • Sensitivity : Open circuit output voltage*1: –40 ±3.5 dB
    • Operating temperature range : 0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)

*1 0 dB = 1 V/Pa, 1,000 Hz (1 Pa = 10 μbar = 94 dBSPL)


Articles include

  • Wind screen (1), Carrying case (1)


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