Rycote 107301

Rycote 107301

A mic-flag, yes, but a Rycote !
Large printable area for sponsors, compatible with big microphone !
Perfect to be seen on screen !

- Expedition the day after -

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With this


Square - 4 sides - Black


your logo, brand, peace on earth message or any intersting thing will be really better seen by all !

Compatible with big and large microphone, everyhting become possible !


Indeed, at the difference as the other brands of mic-flag, Rycote has developped a brillant and usefull system of grip for the microphones.




We can read here of there

Rycote's Mic Flags are made from durable shatterproof moulded plastic and avoid the use of perishable foam inserts to make the flags fit the microphone. Instead, an array of internally fitted hard-wearing red and black rubber 'vanes' secures the flag around the microphone, allowing Rycote’s Mic Flags to be used with any microphones ranging from 19 to 38mm in diameter.


Fits A Wide Range Of Microphones

With all of the black and red ‘vanes’ fitted, the Rycote mic flag will securely hold microphones from 19 to 32mm wide. To fit the flags to mics of up to 38mm in diameter, users simply remove the lid of the mic flag and slide out the black vanes, creating a looser fit which allows the broader mics to slide onto the flag.


Lightweight But Tough

Lightweight and extremely hard-wearing, Rycote's Mic Flags provide a large printable area for sponsors' logos. Three- and four-sided flags are available, in either black or white; the square type offers a printable logo area 57mm wide by 48mm high on each of its four sides, while the printable area of the three sides on the triangular flag measure 89.5mm wide by 48mm.


If you want your branding seen on screen, use Rycote’s Mic Flags!


Technicals caracteristics


A four-sided square mic flag, suitable for microphones with 19 to 38 mm diameters. The outer casing is made from a shatter-proof plastic designed to allow perfect display of branding logos. In contrast to all other mic flags, the Rycote mic flag does not use foam to hold the microphone. Instead the mic flag can grip microphones from 19 to 38 mm diameter, with removable rubber "Vanes". The mic flags are available in black or white.

  • For mics, ø19.0 mm (ø 3/4") to ø32.0 mm (ø 1-1/4") - all vanes fitted
  • For mics, ø32.0 mm (ø 1-1/4") to ø38.0 mm (ø 1-1/4") - remove every other vane*



  • Dimensions : 67 mm Square x H 55 mm
  • Weight : 94 grams (3.3 oz)
  • Printable Area for label : 4 sides of W 57.0 x H 48.0 mm

* To remove vanes: remove Lid from Base & slide every other Vane out, then replace lid. See exploded drawing

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