DM-Accessories SAB20-TRIPOD

DM-Accessories SAB20-TRIPOD

Symmetrical Accessory Bar to connect two more accessories on your camera or camcorder.
Lenght : 20cm / Tripod compatible

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DM-Accessories SAB20-TRIPOD

LENGHT : 8" / 20cm

Symmetrical Accessory Bar (supports 2 standard accessories)


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This accessory mount bar allows the equal mounting of adapters on both sides of the camera, be they lights, flashes, microphones or any collection of devices that need to be attached to a camcorder or camera. The SAB can be mounted directly to any camcorder with a tripod mount screw socket and an alignment pin socket.

This new version includes a 1” / 25mm diameter captive metal knob with the standard tripod thread in the knob (1/4”-20). This version allows the SAB to be mounted to the bottom of the camera while on the tripod.

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