Sony DVM-63HD - Pack 5

Sony DVM-63HD - Pack 5

At least ! A tape with a HDV quality, like your camera ^_^
Pack of 5 units


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Sony DVM-63HD
63 minutes en HD 1080p & 720p (SP), et 94 minutes 720p LP
Great ! You finally have your beautifull DV camcorder !
Oh, too bad, you just forget to buy some HDV tape to enjoy this quality on your screens

Hopefully, this kind of tape is sold here, if this is not a good new for you, your camcorder and the quality of your movies...

To use them with my HDR-HC1, I can confirm that the quality is really better than the standard record tape.


We can read about it herre and there...

Sony MiniDV 63 camcorder tape. 63 minutes of high grade movies

Compatible with all the DV camcorders, Sony or not

Get the highest quality recording media for your Handycam® high definition camcorder.

DV 63 min Excellence with chip

2dB higher carrier to noise ratio (vs. PR) making it ideal for LP recording

Diamond-Like Carbon protective layer improves durability and helps prevent shedding and drop

Built in 4k bit IC memory

Metal evaporated tape

High durability




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