Auray WLF-018-3

Auray WLF-018-3

three foam windshields for any 1/8" microphone diameter (as the Sony ECM-77) ?
With the longevity of some lavalier mic, it is a minimum! ^_^

- Expedition the day after -

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The disadvantage of these little foams on these small microphones (1/8") is that they do not during as long as the microphones.

Especially with the excellent Sony ECM-77BMP, for example !

This 3 foam windscreens

Auray WLF-018-3

will overcome this interesting vision and allow you to continue to produce and record your favorite subjects, even with their most noisy breathing or this external wind really too disruptive.


We can read here or there

The Auray WLF Series Foam Windscreens are designed to reduce unwanted vocal pops and broadband wind noise with minimal high-frequency loss.

This WLF-018 Foam Windscreen is designed for use with the 1/8" diameter microphones. The density of the specialty acoustic foam is optimized to help protect the microphone element from air bursts without muffling the sound.

When used on the microphone, these windscreens are effective in minimizing wind noise and plosive sounds. They are most effective in calm to light breeze conditions (0-7mph), and can be used indoors for protection against drafts caused by air conditioners. Users can generally expect a notable reduction in wind noise, with very slight dampening of high frequencies. For most applications, this is a worthwhile exchange.


Compatible with

  • Audio-Technica AT899
  • Sony ECM77, ECM88
  • Countryman B3, E6i
  • Sennheiser MKE2, HS2, HSP2
  • Beyerdynamic MCE55
  • DPA 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4066, 4067, 4071, 4088
  • Electro-Voice RE97TX
  • Shure WL50
  • Special Projects SP5254, SP5255

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