Hosa ATT-448

Hosa ATT-448

XLR input attenuator 3-Pin.
-20db -30db -40db , who can say better ?

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This 3-pin XLR Input Attenuator

Hosa ATT-448
20db, -30dB or -40dB

can be quickly essential for certain sound recording conditions.

It is better to have it on hand, than too much in the ears!


Indeed, some audio recording consoles, or during Karaoke, at conferences or when the microphone is shared by several people who not have the same vocal powers, it quickly becomes practice, the microphones offering this infrequently, to reduce the volume of recorded sound.

Unless of having to hear crackling and saturations.

This adaptor will do it well, until -40dB less (that's a lot!), with quality, thanks to its all-metal design and its locking connectors.


We can read here or there

This adaptor is designed to add attenuation to a dynamic microphone. Selectable -20dB, -30dB, or -40dB attenuation make it ideal for karaoke, public speaking, and other events during which a single microphone is shared.

This ATT-448 from Hosa is a switchable input attenuator for stepping-down an input level to a mixer when that level is too high. For instance, a hot microphone in front of a loud source will "peg the meters" at the board and cause audio distortion.

The ATT-448 attenuator is placed in-line between the microphone and the board and the appropriate amount of attenuation switched in. The choices are 20, 30, or 40dB of signal reduction, for a wide range of uses on stage and in the studio.

The unit accepts the appropriate male and female XLR connector.

  • Provides 20dB, 30dB or 40dB of microphone attenuation
  • For use with all low-impedance and phantom-powered condenser microphones
  • XLR input and output
  • Full magnetic shield case


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