Sony EC-0.46BX

Sony EC-0.46BX

XLR Sony cable for microphone !
XLR 3-pin male - minijack male
50cm of pure joy !
Not everybody can say that... ;o)

- Expedition the day after -

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Cable XLR - minijack



Allows an equipment with a 3-pin female XLR connector to be connected to the 3-pin male XLR connector of this cable.

the minijack 3.5mm plug has a lock mechanism to avoid accidental disconnections


XLR 3-pin male - minijack 3.5mm

Lenght 0,46m


Compatible with

  • URX-P2
  • UWP-C1
  • UWP-C2
  • UWP-C3
  • UWP-V1
  • UWP-V2
  • UWP-V6
  • UWP-X5
  • Others ? Don't hesitate to help me to complete this list !

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