Pearstone MMSA-101.5B

Pearstone MMSA-101.5B

Audio Cable Minijack 3.5mm - Microphone,...
Stereo Mini Male to Stereo Mini Male - 46cm

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Audio Cable for microphone

Pearstone MMSA-101.5B

Lenght 46cm (1.5')

Connexion plug Mini-jack 3.5mm male TRS - 3.5mm male TRS


Compatible with any devices with an audio stereo minijack 3.5mm

And everything is said!

I love to write those so simple announces!



But, as I found this announce too short, I will add an instructive and theoretical paragraph, for the joy of making our minds working a little bit!

Concerning the Pearstone stereo audio cable for audio devices, such as microphones, everything is already said above. :)



So simple, this description? Really?

So, could you define what TRS & TRRS terms mean ?

TRS : Tip Ring Sleeve
TRRS : Tip Ring Ring Sleeve

This corresponds, in fact, to every part that composes the plug. First, they are easier to describe than to qualify them technically, because their function will depend of the manufacturer and their needing, it would have been too simple otherwise, right? :)

In the case of microphones, it will usually be the Left and Right channels, the Microphone channel and the Ground.



For the microphone Røde SC3 plugs :


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