Pearstone LMT100

Pearstone LMT100

Adaptor XLR to mini-jack
Now, you can plug professional XLR microphone onto your camcorder !


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A simple adaptor ? No, with this small cable


 you will be able to plug a professional microphone on your camcorder !



Associated to the Sony F-112, on sale here naturally, this adaptor will allow you to make professional interviews with your material. You can insert a longer XLR cable between your camera and the LMT100, according to your needs.

Small and light, it will take few place in your bag.



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The Pearstone LMT100 cable simply enables a microphone or mic-level device to be input into the 3.5mm mini input found on consumer recording devices. It is 1.5' long and has a 3-pin XLR female connector on one end and a standard 3.5mm mini plug on the other. It is designed for use with mono microphones.

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