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Find here photo-video accessories linked to the sound : microphones, cables, wireless kits, supports, microphone flags, windshield (foam and fur)...

Auray WLF-018-3

4.9 42
three foam windshields for any 1/8" microphone diameter (as the Sony ECM-77) ? With...

Bescor SA-1

4.9 42
Need to raise a little bit your accessory ? You don't need any magic pill, Bescor...

Rode iXY-L

4.9 42
The best microphone for Apple iPhone or iPad! If they made beautifull images today,...

Auray WLF-038-3R

4.9 42
Foam Winshield for the Sony ECM-166BMP Lavalier microphone. Compatible with any 3/8"...

Rode HS2-PL

4.9 42
A professional headset microphone! Yes, like the men you saw last day on TV! ;)...

Rode M1

4.9 42
Dynamic microphone for live performances. Singing, reporting, interview, it knows...


4.9 42
An USB microphone with a studio recording quality! That's a Rode material, for sure!