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Shotgun microphones Sony, Røde - Cardioid, Supercardioid - Photo-Video - couillaler.com

Shotguns, Cardioid

Select here shotgun microphones corresponding to your needings, don't hesitate to contact us for any assistance.

Azden Pro-XD

4.9 42
Wireless Microphone 2.4GHz kit. Up to 120m! Azden Lavalier mic furnished.

Rode NTG2

4.9 42
A professional directional condenser external microphone! Can be powered by the...

Rode NTG3

4.9 42
Professional shotgun microphone ! The finest quality for the sharpest sounds.

Rode NTG4

4.9 42
A professional directional shotgun external microphone! XLR connection, Fur...

Rode NTG4+

4.9 42
A professional directional shotgun external microphone! Powered by its rechargeable...

Rode VideoMic Go

4.9 42
Impossible to have an easiest way to use a microphone with so much quality! No...

Rode VideoMic Me

4.9 42
A small and lightweight microphone for Smartphone, iPhone or any TRRS minijack 3.5mm...

Rode VideoMic Pro

4.9 42
Outputting the mono signal to both left and right channels, this microphone is an...

Rode VideoMic Pro+

4.9 42
VideoMic Pro+, the new compact microphone for DSLR cameras. Rycote lyre, everything...