Dot Line DL-2452
DLC Dot-Line

Dot Line DL-2452

An efficient 52mm lens-hood !
Or how can the sun continue to be shiny without to perturb your movies !

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Lens hood for camcorder

Dot Line DL-2452
Diameter 52mm

With this lens hood securely screwed to your lens, do not let the light rays create unwanted effects on your videos!

In addition, with its cap, this lens hood can also very efficiently protect your lens from dust, scratches and other potential accidents! (^.^)

Perfect for DV camcorders !

Exists in other diameters, contact me for more informations.


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The 52mm Digital Video Lens Hood from Dot-Line is designed with locking rings to ensure a secure (and permanent, if desired) fit to a 52mm lens mount on a video camera.

The hood provides protection from glare and also from accidental damage to the lens.

The Dot Line hoods are designed in an octagonal shape to match the shooting angles of digital video cameras.

Included with the hood is a cap that snaps in place over the hood and a cap holder (cord) to prevent loss of the cap.  The cap prevents damage or dust or water from getting to the lens while not in use and the cord is long enough to prevent a swinging cap from knocking into the camera while recording.

Made of hard, black plastic, the lens hood is an essential accessory for any quality video camera. 

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