DM-Accessories WAMX00

DM-Accessories WAMX00

Wrap Around Mount support for the Sony FDR-AX100, HDR-CX900, HDR-PJ650V!
And, if it is a usefull tool, it should not be really good to taste as other wraps... :)


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A robust support, yes, but this handle

DM-Accessories WAMX00

is not only an additional shooting comfort, no, thanks to its many holes and its long slot, many opportunities to fix various accessories are available!

You should, depending on the number and type of these accessories, according to your needings (microphone, lights, wireless kit, ...), consider one or more adapters,

like the DM-Accessories BOT-FLAT, for example.


We can read here or there

This WAMX00 adapter offers a long shoe slot and three 1/4"-20 threaded hole mounts, to mount a microphone, light, wireless mic receiver or other accessories on Sony's FDR-AX100 and HDR-CX900 cameras.

This bracket also works with the Sony XLR-K1M on the AX100 and CX900 cameras.

  • The threaded holes on the vertical post can support a BOT-FLAT
  • There are several standard (1/4"-20 thread) tripod mount holes on the bottom of the plate for tripod mounting, and choices of tripod holes for balance adjustment.
  • This design doesn't restrict available hand grip space or block access to controls.
  • The WAMX00 is made from aluminum and given a durable satin black powder coating.
  • Other cameras are compatible. The camera should be 3.6" / 91mm or shorter, and be smaller than 1 5/8" / 41mm from tripod hole center to the rightmost part of the camera where the vertical support is.


It allows the use of a light or other devices with the receiver lik the Sony ECM-W1M Bluetooth Wireless Microphone kit.


Compatible with

  • Sony FDR-AX100
  • Sony HDR-CX400
  • Sony HDR-CX410V
  • Sony HDR-CX430V
  • Sony HDR-CX510
  • Sony HDR-CX590
  • Sony HDR-CX900
  • Sony HDR-PJ420
  • Sony HDR-PJ420V
  • Sony HDR-PJ430
  • Sony HDR-PJ430V
  • Sony HDR-PJ510
  • Sony HDR-PJ650
  • Canon FS10
  • Canon FS100
  • Canon HF10
  • Canon HF100
  • Canon HFS100
  • Others ? Thank you for your help to complete this list! (^.^)

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