Bescor SA-1

Bescor SA-1

Need to raise a little bit your accessory ?
You don't need any magic pill, Bescor will make it for you !

- Expedition the day after -

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Sometimes, it could be usefull to raise the position of your flash, microphone or  any other accessory (wireless receptor, ...


is the reference for that !


With its furbished adaptor for Sony hot shoe, you can use this accessory with any brand & on Sony devices with AIS accessory shoe !


There is a thread screw under the SA-1, like this you can insert it between your device and a tripod.




Like this, you can unlock situations where you cannot fix an accessory because another one, raising one of them.


See the pictures to see all possibilities !



We can read here or there


Bescor's SA-1 Universal Swivel Shoe Adapter can be attached to any camera's shoe mount for attaching external microphones or lights. It comes with a mini hot shoe adapter that's designed specifically for use with Sony camcorders. The SA-1 also features a 1/4" 20 thread screw and a swivel function with a locking knob.


1/4" 20 thread screw mount


Swivel function with locking knob
Features a mini Sony hot shoe adapter

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