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Specific accessories for microphones - Sony, Røde - Photo-Video - couillaler.com

Microphone specific accessories

Find here specific accessories for external microphones of cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, wireless kits or digital recorders.

Azden CAM-3

4.9 42
At least, easily mix 3 microphones on the same channel. Very usefull to manually...

Hosa ATT-448

4.9 42
XLR input attenuator 3-Pin. -20db -30db -40db , who can say better ?

Pearstone LMT100

4.9 42
Adaptor XLR to mini-jack Now, you can plug professional XLR microphone onto your...

Rode Boompole Clips

4.9 42
To fix the microphone cable along the Rode Boompole, this small clips are perfect!

Rode Clip1

4.9 42
Rode MiCon™ cable Management Clips. Your sound just found a way to get a new better...

Rode Lav-Clip

4.9 42
A usefull small tool! Pack of 3 units, to secure the fixation of the Lavalier...

Rode Vampire Clip

4.9 42
Fix fastly the Rode Lavalier, SmarLav microphones with this Double-Toothed Clothing...

Rode iClamp

4.9 42
Need to secure the fixation of the Rode i-XY 30-Pin on your iPhone ? This accessory...

Sony SMAD-P3

4.9 42
How to adapt a wireless UWP-D microphone receiver without XLR cable, but on the...