Sony Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter to Active Interface Shoe (AIS) !
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Adapter Multi-Interface


Connect an accessory with an Active Interface Shoe (AIS) to your camcorder with its Multi Interface Shoe (MIS) !


Find this new shoe (MIS) on cameras or camcorders builded after september 2012


To find the accessories shoe's model of your Sony

After the INTELLIGENT accessory shoe (IAS Intelligent Accessory Shoe), the ACTIVE accessory shoe (AIS Active Interface Shoe), here is the new accessory shoe format of Sony : Multi-Interface (MIS Multi-Interface Shoe) !

Find on this page all the Sony models classified by Shoe format !


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Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter

Enhance your camcorder's performance with this shoe adaptor for multi-interface shoe.

Attach lights, monitors and other important accessories to increase your production value with the ADP-MAC multi-interface shoe adapter. The perfect accessory for your compatible camcorder, this shoe adapter allows you to take advantage of all your accessories and capture your creative vision to the fullest.


Expand accessory compatibilty


Enhance your camcorder's performance with this shoe adaptor for Multi Interface shoe.1 Adapter allows you to attach active interface shoe accessories to Handycam® camcorders with multi-interface shoe. Choose from a host of important accessories such as lights and monitors to increase the production value of any video.


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