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Flashes for Sony cameras DSLR, Cyber-Shot, Bridge, compact - Photo-Video - couillaler.com


Find here selected flashes for Sony DSLR, Cyber-Shot, Bridge or compact cameras.

Metz 15 MS-1

4.9 42
You too use the power of the Ring with this macrophotography flash! Individually...

Metz 26 AF-2

4.9 42
Cobra TTL external flash for Sony MIS. Total guide number : 26. You cannot lose...

Metz 44 AF-2

4.9 42
External flash for Sony MIS accessory shoe. LED for video! Enjoy the shiny power of...

Metz 64 AF-1

4.9 42
Show off with this brand new mecablitz model! Super easy to use for top class...

Metz M400

4.9 42
Handy and fully automated flash piece with a nice user-friendly interface. For Sony...

Sony HVL-F20M

4.9 42
"A good small flash!", here it what we could read if it where not a Sony, as it is, we...

Sony HVL-F32M

4.9 42
A flash with 32 guides! Impossible to lose yourself with all this assistance! ^_^

Sony HVL-F43M

4.9 42
A 90° rotating flash, with an integrated LED light for videos, all this for the...

Sony HVL-F45RM

4.9 42
Compact & powerful external flash. Wireless Radio Control! Illuminate your photo...

Sony HVL-F60RM

4.9 42
A "High-output, high-speed flash with quick operation" ! It is not me who's saying...