Vello CS-1414

Vello CS-1414

Replacement Screws for Vello and others brackets!
Male and female thread, a dual-purpose thumbscrews!

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These two screws

Vello CS-1414

are precisely those you were looking for to equip some equipment supports.

For example, if I take the excellent supports Vello CB-100, CB-200 ou CB-600 with this two additional screws, you can attach other accessories such as a wireless receiver or a microphone.

With a standard thread, 14mm long, these screws offer an universal compatibility.

They also have a female thread on the bottom, allowing other more daring assemblies!


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The Vello 1/4"-20 Camera Screw - 14mm Long (2-Pack) is a set of two dual-purpose replacement thumbscrews for Vello's CB series mounting brackets, such as the CB-100, CB-200, and CB-600.

These screws feature a 1/4" stud on top and a 1/4" female thread underneath. The stud attaches the mounting bracket to the bottom of a camera, and the female thread enables mounting the bracket and camera to a tripod, fluid head, ball head, or other gear. You can also use these screws to attach accessories to camera rigs.

Each screw is 14mm long and has a knurled knob for tightening.

  • Dual-Purpose Thumbscrews
  • Replacement screws for Vello CB series brackets, such as the CB-100, CB-200, and CB-600 1/4" stud on top 1/4" female thread underneath Attaches brackets to cameras, tripods, fluid heads, ball heads, etc.
  • Attaches accessories to camera rigs

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