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Filters for lenses, converters - Photo - Video - couillaler.com

Filters Photo - Video

Find here polarizing filters, neutral or simple protections for lenses and converters for your cameras and camcorders.

Sony VF-30NKB

4.9 42
Filter kit. Compatible wide angle and lens G. Enhance the contrasts, protect your...

Sony VF-30SC

4.9 42
Very Specific filters kit, for terrifics and specials effects. Rare! Diam. 30mm

Sony VF-37CPKB

4.9 42
Sony Filters kit polarizing and protecting. Eliminate unwanted reflexion on your...

Sony VF-37NKB

4.9 42
On the beach, on the mountains, skiing, raise the constrasts, the quality and the...

Sony VF-405MP

4.9 42
A simple Sony protective filter for your 40.5mm lenses. Simple, efficient and...

Sony VF-49CPAM

4.9 42
A circular polarizing filter against unwanted reflections ! Except on those from the...