Pearstone BPS-FC11

Pearstone BPS-FC11

750mAh ! what an autonomy for a so small battery !
Replace the Sony NP-FC11 & NP-FC10, with a similar quality, for a smaller price !

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Battery Lithiom-Ion


Replace the Sony NP-FC11 & NP-FC10 batteries
not anymore produced by Sony.

Compatible with Sony models using the C battery Serie

3,7 V - 750mAh


Less powerfull than the original Sony battery, I choosed this model anyway, in the middle of all those generics brands manufacturing compatibles batteries, because it is produced by the north american company Pearstone !

And I know they are really attentive to the quality of their products !

Usually, I prefer to sell original batteries, from Sony but, in this case, as Sony stopped manufacturing this reference, I have no choice than to sell a compatible one.

This is the reason I choosed to sell this one, from Pearstone, to keep the same quality as the Sony one... with 30mAh in less... ;o)


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The BPS-FC11 Lithium-ion Battery Pack from Pearstone is designed to replace the Sony NP-FC11 & NP-FC10 batteries. Small and lightweight, Lithium-ion batteries can be charged or discharged at any time without developing memory effects.

  • Chemistry : Lithium-Ion
  • Output Voltage : 3.7V
  • Capacity : 750mAh
  • Dimensions : 0.9 x 0.5 x 1.9" (23 x 13 x 48mm)
  • Weight : 0.9 oz (25g)


Compatible with

C Series

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