Pearstone PL-SONPFS11

Pearstone PL-SONPFS11

An adapter plate for your Pearstone Compact or Duo charger !
Compatible with Sony NP-FS11, NP-FS12, NP-FS21, NP-FS22, NP-FS31, NP-FS32

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Adapter plate

Pearstone PL-SONPFS11

for Pearstone Compact ou Duo battery charger.

Compatible with the batteries Sony NP-FS11, NP-FS12, NP-FS21, NP-FS22, NP-FS31, NP-FS32

This Pearstone Battery Adapter Plate for Pearstone Compact and Duo Chargers is a battery plate that accepts the Sony serie S

The plate slides and snaps easily into Pearstone Compact and Duo Chargers, which feature interchangeable battery plates.

This plate can serve as a replacement plate, or as an additional plate that expands your charger's compatibility (even with plates for others brands (Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Leika, Fuji, Casio, Samsung,...


The Duo Pearstone charger is a good choice, because it will allow you to have only one plate, like the current one, to buy if you have several cameras or camcorders, or if you are changing of model !


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