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Without to talk about a zero carbon and ecological business, we are far from this, Le Petit Monde de Couillaler is a French company that tries to minimize, as much as possible, its carbon emissions by real and concrete measures.

Here, we have made some choices that were possible in order to do the best with the starting data. We are an online sales company of electronic accessories (Sony photo-video accessories), difficult to be zero carbon with this. ;)

  • Privilege French distributors located in France.

  • We use only recycled and recyclable packaging. This concerns both the envelopes and shipping boxes, as the adhesive tape used which is made of fraft paper.

  • We print on recycled paper and we limit the number of paper prints.

  • We use a single carrier who brings and retrieves the mail at the same time (avoids the parade of vanettes of drivers).

  • The company only uses electricity from 100% renewable energy: https://www.enercoop.fr/

  • The profits of Le Petit Monde de Couillaler also serve to finance environmental projects in France, including this one: The quiet familial and ecological rehabilitation of a house in Saône et Loire, in the Charolais-Brionnais, in Chassigny sous Dun , 71170: http://www.lebief.fr