Joby Pro Sling Strap S-L

Joby Pro Sling Strap S-L

Always having your DSLR in hand is more tiring than to have it right at hand when you need it!
Securely and fastly! ^_^
Size S-L

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Trying this camera strap

Joby Pro Sling Strap
Size: S-L

is to discover a new way to take pictures!

Always right at hand, your camera is always close to you, firmly held by an original system using the thread on the bottom of your DSLR.

Imagine you walk, the camera slung over the side, slightly to the back of your arm. Occurs a sudden picture to take! Immediately, thanks to an ingenious and patented SpeedCinch System slip system, simply grab your device and it will easily slide to be positioned in front of you to take the shot!

Often other camera straps are not easy to drag, or even need to be take off from you to be usable, this one is the only model with a as convenient system!

This shoulder strap is very comfortable, materials used are flexible and resilient, it is wide and support heavy DSLR cameras.

This model is the version size S-L, there is a Pro Sling Strap size L-XXL for taller bodies




We can read here or there

​This professional camera strap’s quick-draw speed clinch system allows you to always have your DSLR right at hand, but never in harms way. The Pro Sling Strap keeps the camera secure against your body and has the capacity to carry even the heaviest camera rigs.

  • Speed: Lightning Fast SpeedCinch™  System extends the strap automatically as you glide your camera up from your side to the shooting position – all in one fluid motion
  • Security: SpeedCinch System and custom hardware allow you to keep your camera close to body for hands free activity; strap locks in cinched position for added security
  • Strength:  Low profile, high-strength materials and integrated tread with an anti-slip grip provides comfort, durability and a sleek look with no bulk



  • Dimensions: 5.08 x 0.8 x 176 cm (2.00 x 0.31 x 69.3 in)
  • Weight : 116 g (0.25 lbs)
  • Connection Point: : 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount
  • Materials : ABS Plastic, Nylon Webbing, Steel


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