Hoodman HoodEYE HEYESG

Hoodman HoodEYE HEYESG

Eyecup for select camera Sony.
Blocks the light while looking in the camera's viewfinder!
Compatible glasses wearer!

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This eyepiece for Sony

Hoodman HoodEYE HEYESG

is, yes, really fantastic!

This version is compatible with glasses wearers (HEYESG [with a G, like Glasses])

Because there is today beautiful high-definition LCD electronic viewfinders that cover 100% of the field, if the brightness or the around ambient agitation disturb this, it's a lost of comfort when shooting.

And here, comfort is precisely question with this large eyecup which will completely encompass the eye and prevent any external disturbance.

Allowing you, what I always liked in photo, the total immersion in the one to come!

The standard eyecups are certainly comfortable, but they do not offer such a possibility.

In addition, the soft rubber can turn on itself, thus being suitable for the left eye as well as the right one, as well as landscape or portrait shots (useful for prolonged shots in the same direction) .

Compatible with Sony devices of the a7 series and other devices with the same eyepiece cup format. ***

Here is a good product, easy to install or remove if necessary, reliable design, efficient !



***: For other devices than the Sony a7, be careful about the position of your IR sensor located up or below the eyecup. Indeed, if it is hidden, your device will not switch automatically between the electronic viewfinder and the LCD.

I personally use a HoodEYE HEYES on my Sony a99, the eyecup slips on the rail. The sensor is hidden because it is on the bottom of the IR sensor. To switch between the screen view and the viewfinder view, it is no longer automatic, I simply use the "ViewFinder / LCD" button on the back of the device. It is done very quickly, and anyway, I use the viewfinder in 98% of shots. Otherwise why buy this beautiful eyecup! ;)


Compatible with

Compatible with Sony devices a7, a7R, a7S, a7 II, a7R II, a7S II, a9, a77, a77 II, a99, a65, a57, a58 ***

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