Hoodman HD-450

Hoodman HD-450

HD 16:9 4" LCD screen hood.
Simple and efficient, recover the pixels colors on your camcorder screen, even under a blinding sun.

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This 4" LCD HD camcorder hood


will restore your sight! How? With its super powers of course! ^_^

Not always easy to see clearly, not only because of your dazzling subject, but, sometimes too, during outdoor captures, a blinding sun can prevent you to see what the LCD screen or your camcorder displays !

But, also, by its physically explicable and applied efficiency, like all the references of that brand.

This lens hood is compatible with screens HD 16:9 4 inches (4") !





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The HD-450 hood is a great tool for viewing your camcorder 16/9 4.0" LCD screen glare-free outdoors.

HD-450 features

  • Elastic strap mount system
  • Durable nylon over plastic insert construction
  • Water resistant
  • Folds flat for easy storage

Viewing Dimensions (internal)

  • 3.75 in x 2.24 in x 3.62 in (95 mm x 57.1 mm x 142.9 mm)
  • Internal diagonal : 110.84mm (ndcouillaler : Rare to use the Pythagorean Theorem! ;)


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