Gepe Card Safe Store SD 3011

Gepe Card Safe Store SD 3011

Store 9 SD & MMC Memory Card in this DVD format rigid transparent box.
Easy to store, security and esthetic, what else?

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With this memory card store box

Gepe Card Safe Store 3011

you will be able to safely protect your SD & MMC ! (up to 9) cards.

This store box will allow you an easy and secured archive on your shelves with its DVD box format.

Transparent, you will be able to see your memory cards, so you will recover your data recovery easily.

The EasyGrab™ System is very practical to take the card without break your needles, or the cards! :)


Transparent DVD format store box (exists in black too with the reference Gepe Card Safe 3010)



We can read here or there

At a first glance, the Card Safe Store looks like a DVD cover. Inside it consists of a foam rubber insert where memory cards can be safely kept in specific compart- ments. Gepe’s EasyGrabTM system ensures easy and quick removal of cards.

The new Card Safe Store is available in two versions:

  • The black version features an index sheet on the outside and flaps on the inside where index prints or other paper can be kept.
  • The second version is transparent without index sheet or flaps. As it is transparent, users can see which cards are stored even if the box is closed.

We can note :

  • EasyGrab™ System
  • Cards are hold Securely
  • Standard DVD size storage


EasyGrab™ System




  • Weight : 80g
  • Dimensions : 135mm x 190mm x 15mm

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