Pearstone FW-9406

Pearstone FW-9406

i.LINK Pearstone firewire cable
9-pin to 4-pin - IEEE-1394/1395 - 800Mbps
An excellent quality for a better price !

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A Firewire 9-pin / 4-pin cable not like the others !


Technology compatible i.LINK

For all those laptops computers with only a Firewire 9-pin plug, no, I don't think to any particular MacBook Pro ! ^_^

This is the end of the waste of quality ! ^_^

This is the end of the so long waitings front of your computer, waiting the end of the transferts.

Connect your Sony camcorder on a compatible i.LINK peripheral will offer you the joy of the high speed date transfert, bi-directionnal !

A Firewire 4-pin IEEE 1394 plug is necessary on the camcorder and a 9-pin on the computer or other editing table.

A plug like this on the camcorder : pc-images-connecteur-1394a-2000-ilink.gif

A plug like this one on the computer :



We can read here and there

Perstone Firewire cables are design to meet or exceed industry standards for large data file transfers with ultra-fast IEEE 1394/1395 devices.

They connect Sony i.LINK, Firewire and other IEEE 1394/1395 peripherals with Plug-and-Play ease and at speeds up to 800 Mo/s, but are also backwards compatible with devices transfering data at 100, 200 or 400 Mo/s.

The cables protects aginst electromagnetic and radio interference (EMI/RFI) with a braided copper shield with 100% coverage and a aluminium foil wrap for clean signal transfer.

The contacts are made of pure oxygen-free copper.

These Pearstone cables are manufactured under RoHS guidelines with no environmentally hazrdous cadmium or lead.


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (Approx.) : 6' (1.8 m)
  • General
    • Plug : 4 pin - 9 pin

    • i.LINK® Interface : IEEE1394 & IEEE1395 Standard - up tu 800Mo/s (compatible 400Mo/s and less)


Compatible with

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