Expert Shield DW-RC4M-AMEJ

Expert Shield DW-RC4M-AMEJ

Protect the DSC-HX20V, DSC-HX10V or DSC-HX30V LCD screen!
A picture is really less beautifull with a lot of scratches on screen...

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Effectively protect the LCD screen of your camera Sony
Sony DSC-HX10, DSC-HX20 & DSC-HX30!

With this protection

Expert Shield Crystal Clear DW-RC4M-AMEJ

do it, in addition, with a quality product!

Yes, indeed, what an idea to have a nice LCD screen, and to spoil it with a soft piece of plastic to be cut to the right size, or a protection that will peel after a few days of holidays, or a plastic sheet that will not show you the real quality of your photos displayed by the device?

This reference Expert Shield has been selected for its quality, and that is the only reason that makes it appear in my cyber-shelves!


Easy attachment

Easy to attach, it will be important to take some precaution to make a clean job. These recommendations, based primarily on my own experience, can be also apply to the installation of any LCD protectors!

First, do it at a time when you have time, you will need some quiet time to do this delicate work. Make yourself an organized and clean work surface. Get everything ready before you start, unpack what can be. A good brightness will be more practical.

The, be sure that the surface of the LCD screen is really clean! Every small speck of dust remaining will inevitably create a bubble, like a pole in the middle of a tent, but smaller! ;)

For this you can use your usual cleaning equipment, or, of course, those that I sell also here, as this pen to clean LCD screens, this double-valve blower to remove debris, a microfibre cloth or other things ...

Once the screen cleaned (and be sure it is well!), then follow the instructions to installation. Absolutely avoid any air bubbles, and for that, it will be really better to place it well at the first try.


Expert Shiel has a step-by-step help installation on their website :

And a video you can find here


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