Lenspen SKLK-1

Lenspen SKLK-1

A complete kit to clean the sensors CCD and CMOS of your numeric reflex camera !
New improved loupe with 8 LEDS !

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A complete kit for the sensors of your numeric reflex camera

LENSPENS SKLK-1 SensorKlear Loupe Kit


Everything your CCD & CMOS sensor need is here !

The loupe

new and improved version, with eight (8) LEDS and a zoom x6 to detect all the smallests dusts on the observed sensor. With the high resolution of the actuals cameras, the smallest angry dust can become a really big dirty fly on the enlargement of any picture. :o)

Moreover, sensor are really fragile, and any scratch made with a common microfiber clothe can be a huge problem for your camera


The Lenspen SensorKlear II sensor pen

furbished will allow you to clean smoothly your sensor.


The LensPen Hurricane Blower

with its double-valve system to not blow breathed dusts.

The carrying velvet pouch

to protect and store all these accessories.

A complete kit I said !



Add to this the DSLR Po Kit, wich contains the pens for your lenses, filters and viewfinders, and your camera will be the cleanest one you never had !

Finally, especially your photos ! ;o)


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Trusted by N.A.S.A for use on the International Space Station, the new SensorKlear Loupe Kit contains everything you need to keep your own DSLR camera sensor free from dust and your images spotless:


  • SensorKlear Loupe to detect dust on the sensor surface.
  • LensPen Hurricane Blower to remove dry dust.
  • SensorKlear II pen to remove those dreaded particles of sticky dust.


And remember, only the unique design of SensorKlear Loupe and SensorKlear II allows you to see and clean at the same time!  Your sensor will love you!


Batteries included!

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