Olympus Silca-5S

Olympus Silca-5S

Olympus Silica Gel Desiccant for Underwater Housings !
Get rid of the fog with this drying little bag !
Simply place it inside and voila!

- Expedition the day after -

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Tired of condensation on the walls of your waterproof case for your dives ?

These five bags


contain silica gel that you will need !


The camcorder housing, at the external temperature of your resort, immersed in warmer or colder water of the sea (but I do not necessarily wish it for you ! ;o) ) will certainly quickly display on their walls drops of condensation due to the temperatures differences.

Not necessarily annoying, but generally, with some exceptions, camcorders are not fans of water drops.

Especially if one of them was coming to stick on the lens of your camcorder.

Difficult under the sea to get out the camera from its sealed case to wipe her nose ! ^_^


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