Lenspen NLPB-1

Lenspen NLPB-1

This Lenspen cleaning kit is the perfect tool to clean your binoculars or any optical lens or eyepiece !
Stop working with dust in your eyes ! ^_^

- Expedition the day after -

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Finished to work with dusts in your eyes while your observations with your binoculars or any optical lens !

This cleaning kit

Lenspen NLPB-1

is composed by two famous references : the Lenspen Original NLP-1 and the Lenspen MiniPro NMP-1 !

The big cleaning pen for the large lenses, the small one for the smallest lenses, simple and efficient ! ^_^


Hop! it is out of your pocket or purse!

Click! It opens in a click!

In some regulars movements, the result is clearly visible. They close easily, then recharge for the next time, and are stored easily, thanks to its small size and rounded shapes.



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