Lenspen NDSLRK-1

Lenspen NDSLRK-1

A complete cleaning kit Lenspen !
Usefulls, economics and efficients cleaning pens !
Against dusts and stranges prints !

- Expedition the day after -

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A complete clenaing kit for your reflex camera !


An all-in-One :

Lenses - Filters - Viewfinders !


In fact, to be really complete, the sensor cleaning pen and the blower might be added.

But like this :

  • The price of this kit remains accessible
  • They can be sold separatly ! ;o)


We can read here or there

DSLR Pro Kit contains everything to keep your lenses, viewfinders and filters clean:

  1. Original LensPen for DSLR lenses
  2. FilterKlear for lens filters
  3. MicroPro for viewfinders
  4. Also includes a handy microfiber carrying pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth for virtually all other cleaning applications!


The perfect complement to the SensorKlear Loupe Kit!  Your DSLR will love you!

- Improved replenishment cap to guarantee longer life

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