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Audio Specific accessories

Find here specific accessories for external microphones of cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, wireless kits or digital recorders.
Hosa ATT-448
In stock
XLR input attenuator 3-Pin.
-20db -30db -40db , who can say better ?
Rode Boompole Clips
In stock
To fix the microphone cable along the Rode Boompole, this small clips are perfect!
Rode Clip1
In stock
Rode MiCon™ cable Management Clips.
Your sound just found a way to get a new better style!
Rode Lav-Clip
In stock
A usefull small tool!
Pack of 3 units, to secure the fixation of the Lavalier microphone, properly! ^_
Rode Vampire Clip
In stock
Fix fastly the Rode Lavalier, SmarLav microphones with this Double-Toothed Clothing Pin Mount!
And without to lose any blood! ^_^